The Mighty Men and the Mighty Women of the Western Cape have been blessed over the past few years by having all the below Radio Stations in the Western Cape, partner with them. The people's of the Western Cape through our UNITY RADIO partners and friends might never have been able to hear about the annual events if it were not for the dedicated Christian-Radio -Airwaves carrying our testimonies from people that have changed their lives through Mighty Men and Mighty Women; information, times and location of Mighty Men and Mighty Women events. Advertising and airtime supporting all that we do. This page serves to honor our Unity Radio partners and friends for all that they have done for us and who have all expressed the desire to stay firm in their unity for the advancement and expansion of the Kingdom of God. Please see their respective radio station information next to their names. Each carries a variety of different words, music and Christian meaningful experiences and testimonies. God bless Unity Radio. Amen!